South Korean Buddhist blasphemy?


As reported by the Asian Correspondent a comedy sketch from a South Korean TV has been heavily criticised by Thai Buddhists who perceived the satire of the Thai’s love of Korean pop music as highly offensive. The parody evokes sensitivity to gender roles and the sanctity of what appears to be an image of the Buddha in Buddhist culture. As is often the case with issues of blasphemy free speech and the protection of religious sensibilities are central to the discussion.

The video….depicts two buffoonish Thai monks, before taking a dig at Thailand’s love of K-Pop. The Facebook video clocked up 14 million ‘likes’ before it was removed.

Later in the video one of the monks, a woman, is seen slapping a man made to appear like the Buddha image over the head. It is strictly forbidden for women to make any contact with Buddhist monks in Thailand.

Many Thais expressed their outrage in the comments on the Facebook post, calling the skit “bad-mannered”, “stupid”, and other things we won’t republish here. While angry Thais argued that their, or any, religion should not be made fun of, Korean commenters hit back saying Thai people should respect their freedom of expression.