Early Religious Site in Burma to be Excavated

As reported in the DVB, ‘Religious Site could hail from ancient Pyu kingdom’ a site that could be 2000 years old is planning to be excavated by Archaeologists.


The site, in Ingapu Township, is thought to be the remains of an ancient city-state from the Pyu era.

‘The city states of Pyu existed from around the 2nd Century BC to the mid-11th Century, and stretched from Sri Kestra, near modern-day Pyay, up through central Burma as far north as Tagaung, which is about 200km north of Mandalay.

The Tibeto-Burman speaking Pyu people migrated from modern-day Yunnan into Burma and are the county’s earliest recorded inhabitants.’

This particular site is around 8 square miles and contains many Buddhist statues.

‘Twelve Pyu walled cities have been excavated in Burma so far. If the site in Ingapu is found to be from the Pyu era, then it could be one of the most ancient recorded settlements in the country.’