Burmese punk, anarchy, and protest against the 969 movement


It has been widely reported, not least in articles I have published, that there is a growing racist element emerging in some aspects of Southeast Asian Buddhism.

However, there are also groups expressing a growing dismay with fundamentalist Buddhist groups.

One unusual outlet for this is the small punk scene within Rangoon, Burma.

One such band is Rebel Riot. With songs like ‘F*** Religious Wars and Rules’ and ‘Stop Racism, Against the 969, F*** Racist Monks’ (yes, they like the ‘f’ word, they  are punks), they are a protest movment found in the most unusual of places – and a healthy anarchic place at that.


Finally  a short documentary about them:

This is a small punk scene, but it does suggest that the 969 movment might only find a following among a small section of the  Burmese population and that other voices are emerging. The popular Burmese rapper, Kyaw Htut Swe expresses less punk like but similar sentiments in an attempt to promote the basic Buddhist idea of metta.