My name is Paul Fuller. I have a PhD in Buddhist Studies from the University of Bristol.  I have taught Religious Studies at Universities in Southeast Asia, the University of Sydney in Australia and at Bath Spa University in the UK. I am currently lecturing in Buddhist Studies at the University of Cardiff.

I have two main areas of research. My PhD was a study of ‘views’ (diṭṭhi) in the Pāli Canon. This explored the textual basis of discrimination and attachment in early Buddhism. It describes how Buddhist teachings attempt to overcome these hindrances without producing craving. This was published as The Notion of Ditthi in Theravada Buddhism: The Point of View (Routledge, 2004).

My early research prompted questions about how belief and attachment are factors in modern forms of Buddhism. Therefore I have interests in Engaged Buddhism, the prevalence of blasphemy in Buddhist culture, and political and chauvinistic expressions of Buddhism.

My recent research and publications attempt to understand how modern Buddhist movements are anticipated in the earlier textual tradition. It explores possible interpretations of Buddhist identity based on ethnicity and nationalism.

Contact: paulf@cardiff.ac.uk





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  1. I’ve just discovered your writings on ethnocentric Buddhism. Very interesting. Are you familiar with the Thai monk Kitti-Vutto, who urged his followers to kill communists back in the ’70s and ’80s? In some ways he seems to me to be a precursor to the “Religious Right” among southeast Asian Buddhists…..

  2. Thanks Richard – very kind of you. I used to mention Phra Kitti-Vutto, and extreme Buddhist monks of his type in courses in Buddhist Studies. It was often useful to do so in order to shift student’s perceptions of what Buddhism is. Such ideas are not intended in any way to be critical of Buddhism, just to understand it ‘in the round’ as it were. And, as you say, there does appear to be an emerging ‘religious right’ (is it simply that or more complex?) in South ad Southeast Asia. Thanks for your comment.

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  7. Hi, Paul –

    I’m looking to embark on a DPhil centered on women and ‘self fashioning’ in the 969 movement. Would you be available to chat at some point?

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