Ma-Ba-Tha celebrate ‘protection of race and religion’ laws


It has been reported in The Irrawaddy and the Myanmar Times that Ma-Ba-Tha, the Burmese ‘organisation for the protection of race and religion’ have begun two weeks of celebrating the passing into law of the 4 so-called race and religion protection laws (Monogamy Law, Religious Conversion Law, Interfaith Marriage Law and Population Control Law).

In The Irrawaddy U Wirathu is quoted as saying:

‘Our victory will be written in the country’s  history. With our victory celebration, we want to show our strength, and that our laws will likewise strongly exist in the country. We faced many challenges from the international [community], and even in the country, in passing these laws. If there are people who remain against these laws, we want to give warning: You will face punishment from the people, including the country’s monks.’


2 thoughts on “Ma-Ba-Tha celebrate ‘protection of race and religion’ laws

  1. Another instance of self-destruction! Very un-Buddhist indeed. What a shame! When would they come to know where to draw the line? They should look back to the time they enjoyed moral legitimacy if they want to survive.

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