Memorandum of Understanding between the Bodu Bala Sena and the 969 movement


The following statement has appeared of the Bodu Bala Sena website. It represents a very significant development in what I have termed ethnocentric Buddhism. I thank the friend who sent me the link and it is posted here in its entirety.

‘Memorandum of Understanding:  Bodu Bala Sena of Sri Lanka and 969 of Burma’

‘The Buddhist Society of the world has awoken to the ground realities of subtle incursions taking place  under the guise of secular, multicultural and other liberal notions that are directly impacting on the   Buddhist ethos and space. These incursions are being funded from overseas and have made its   impact globally and are subtly spreading into the local situations. Both the Bodu Bala Sena (of Sri   Lanka) and 969 movement (of Burma) in realizing the impeding dangers have felt that it must now   come forward to derive practical and meaningful ways to address these burning issues which cannot   be left for politicians to deal with. We feel that in the light of the same incursions taking place in the   Buddhist countries that remain it is now opportune a time for the Buddhists of the world to get together   and derive a national and international plan to address these issues without delay.  The key objective of this Memorandum of Understanding is to, first derive a strong declaration   among the two concerned Buddhist organizations, and possibly then Buddhist world and the   Buddhist community to ensure that what is left of Buddhism and Buddhists will not become victims of   extremism conversions and other elements that have contributed to the decline of Buddhism over the   years. The gathering of Buddhists in a worldwide commitment to seriously address these incursions   and together decide how to deal with the incursions at both local and international levels will enable   Buddhists and Buddhism to be saved so as to continue from generation to generation.

Parties of the agreement

Parties of the agreement: Bodu Bala Sena (Herein after referred as “BBS”) (presently as a Sri Lankan   Organization), and 969 of Burma.

Background & Rationale  

Both the BBS and 969 emerged as non-political Buddhist organizations to take up the cause of   Buddhists, in their respective countries. The endeavor of this memorandum of understanding is to   counter the growing incursions and challenges faced by the Buddhist society in both countries and   also in the south and Southeast Asian region, and the dangers of its long term consequences to the   country and heritage. Both parties will support each other efforts, while reaching the joined vision,   respecting the mission and the objectives of each party. At the same time, both parties will exercise   mutual efforts to strengthen each other.


We wish to make the entire south and Southeast Asian region a peaceful region devoid of all forms   of fundamentalist movements, extremisms and civil or international wars. In order to achieve the said   vision, both the BBS and Both parties aim to work in collaboration and partnership for the protection,   development, and betterment of Buddhists, Buddhist countries, Buddhist heritages and Buddhist   civilization.

Joined Objectives

We, the BBS and 969 consider this agreement as the preliminary declaration of a ‘Buddhist   international’. In order to achieve and perpetuate a “Buddhist international” that is devoid of all forms   of fundamentalist movements, extremisms and civil or international wars, both the BBS and 969   consider following three areas as key aspects of collaboration

  1. Networking and responding
  2. Raise our voice against all forms of political or religious movements that jeopardize Buddhist   principles, values and
  3. Networking of Buddhist intellectuals, academics, thinkers, and activists as well as Buddhist   organizations and institutions worldwide
  4. Ensure collective actions and necessary responses when aforesaid individuals or entities are   coming under the attacks anti-Buddhist forces, movements.
  5. Intervening to protect vulnerable Buddhist heritages, archeological sites worldwide
  6. Building individual and organizational
  7. Create opportunities to build working and operational relationships, experience sharing
  8. Ensure exchange of all forms of resources among the Buddhist entities and developing of
  9. Research to stabilize Buddhism
  10. To carry out researches on Buddhist philosophy and subsectors such as economic,
  11. To formulate longer-terms and comprehensive global research agenda to carry out critical   between Buddhist thinkers, researches and activists, as well as entities worldwide  both organizational and institutional capacities  social, educational, political derivatives of Buddhist civilization and culture.   and empirical researches in order to examine manifestations against Buddhist identities,   and illegal encroachments of Buddhist heritages

Duration, Amendments and Termination

This MoU is valid for five years, since the 30th duration can be altered. Further, this Memorandum of Understanding may be amended or altered at any time with the consent of both parties and shall be effected through exchange of notes between   the two parties. This MoU can be terminated by either party, respecting a reasonable explanation of   their inability to work in coalition.’




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