Video of U Wirathu in Sri Lanka

A YouTube recording of U Wirathu in Sri Lanka with introductions by leaders of the Bodu Bala Sena. At one point he is introduced, in English, as the ‘Burmese Buddhist terrorist leader’ (clearly as a joke). Not much can be heard of U Wirathu in Burmese as a Sinhala translation is given as he speaks.

And with clear Burmese:



One thought on “Video of U Wirathu in Sri Lanka

  1. An extremely tragic and regrettable development within the Bhikkhu Sangha….monks polarizing the laity, as well as other monks, against nonviolent Muslims, and advocating violent opposition to all Muslims in Burma and Sri Lanka. It is clear that governments have a duty to protect the citizenry from violence; there is no doubt a percentage of Muslims that have taken up violence against the west, and this violence must be mitigated as rationally as possible. This duty of governments to preserve the peace does not extend to genocide against innocent groups within these countries. Wirathu should be forcibly disrobed, and instruction given to all monks that violence against others, except in very rare circumstances ( ie a monk is struck and may return the blow in defense), is prohibited by the Vinaya.

    All of the violence being escalated around the world with respect to Muslims is going to make the world a much more violence and paranoid place. As the recent Israel-Palestine conflict illustrates, most good Israelis and Muslims don’t want violence…they intermarry, they have friendships, and love and care for each other. Such must be true as well in Burma and Sri Lanka…there is a general sense among most lay people to live, love, be neighbors, and let live…it is the governments, the politicians, the the radicals in each society that inflame these negative sentiments.

    In my view, all good Buddhists, good Muslims, and people of goodwill should step forward and denounce these movements such as 969.

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