H-Buddhism has finally moved to its new platform (H-Net Commons).

H-Buddhism is known to anyone with an academic interest in the study of Buddhism. It describes itself in the following terms:

‘H-Buddhism serves as a medium for the exchange of information regarding academic resources, new research projects, scholarly publications, university job listings, and so forth, for specialists in Buddhist Studies who are currently affiliated with academic institutions.’

The new format has many new features including teaching resources such as syllabi on a range of subjects including ‘Buddhism and Medicine’; ‘Pure Land Buddhism’; Yogācāra Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and Madhyamaka.

What has generally been the most used features, the ‘Discussion Log‘ and ‘Reviews‘ remain but there is now the new interactive feature ‘H-Buddhism Commons’ where most of the new features are found. It is the content in this section which will make H-Buddhism useful to academics in ways that were not possible in the past.


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